It’s the wettest July in ages. You might think that that is good weather for hacking, but no. I did discover that my raincoat is less waterproof than it ought to be. That shorted out my n900 in my pocket. It gives the kind of bing-bing sound of a low battery, then some high-pitched beeps and switches off. After shaking the water out and leaving it to dry overnight, things are fine again. Good engineering! On the other hand, if the phone had perished, I would have been looking hard at the N9.

My GPS logger, allegedly waterproof and floatable, also got waterlogged and did not fare nearly so well. I think the case developed a tiny crack when the kids dropped it and enough rain fell on it to flood it. It no longer charges.

Without my logger – I bought it some years ago after Robert Scott’s talk on Open Street Map in Glasgow, Curly-Wurlies were involved, but I never got around to actually contributing to OSM, which already has good material on Nijmegen – I am now looking for something on my phone to do the same. Marble? I see it updating regularly, but I find I haven’t used it for much, ever. Any other tips for a track-logging, export to useful formats (KML or UMEA sentences), doesn’t-eat-batteries GPS app for the n900? Comments welcome.

6 thoughts on “Damp

  1. Marble is used by an ornithologist in the UK, featured on the BBC soon (I got a mail from the BBC) so Marble is really worth a second try!

    Here in Toulouse it’s cold, windy and grey but not so wet. Best regards to you and your family!

  2. The GPS datalogger widget works quite well for me. Very simple to activate since it sites on the homescreen. The packagename is gps-data-logger and it should be in the regular repository.

  3. I use different applications for different things on my N900.

    For OSM mapping, I’ll use OSM2go, which is now unfortunately in limbo as a gtk application – it is a full editor and pretty useful for adding shops and other places of interest. It’d be nice if marble could adopt some ideas and be able to edit on N900.

    For recording traces I’ll use the GPS data widget or OSMapper – OSMapper can add waypoints with a description while the GPS data widget just saves the track – both to gpx which is the OSM standard. Otherwise, I have marble, maep and ecoach which display the map and track. The lightest battery-wise are the non-display ones as they don’t have to download maps on the go, but do want internet connection to assist the gps location.

  4. I’ve used mappero a bit, mainly for seeing the trail and markers for points of interest. I’m not sure about battery use as most of the time I have external power when using it that way :/ FWIW the place markers are stored on the device in an sqlite database, so getting at them in Your Favourite Abstraction Tree (TM) and cp tends to make kml->mappero reasonably painless. I’m thinking the reverse mapping from trail -> kml could be done in the same way?