I welcome our new gnomic overlords

The location for GUADEC has been published: the Hague. LWN reports, and it looks like a cool team of folks doing the organizing. I wish them all the best — but they’re competing against the vierdaagse, so it’s no contest, really.

3 thoughts on “I welcome our new gnomic overlords

    • 1) GUADEC is in the Netherlands 2) I am in the Netherlands 3) I welcome our new robotic overlords 4) Except that the schedule of GUADEC collides with the yearly party in my city at the other end of the country 4a) A party which has been going on for over 60 years, if not 80, every summer 5) This blog entry was overly cryptic

  1. Actually, the party has been held since 1969, but the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse (so the actual walking for a ridiculous amount of kilometers) has been organised since 1909. Gotta love wikipedia 🙂