Bangalore has OpenSUSE 11.4

Jos has written a lengthy blog about OpenSUSE 11.4, which was released today. Attendees of in Bangalore have it, too, thanks to the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes. I just installed it in a spare partition (wedged between Fedora and Kubuntu) and it looks great at first glance. Isn’t that Ivan’s wallpaper? I had only a minor struggle to get it to install in the right place and to update grub, and after that it was very straightforward.

Bangalore has many other things, too. This morning Runa Bhattacharjee spoke on traditional hues and technology, about how information technology is affecting our view of the world. Then Lydia on GSOC and Mr. Sunil Rao of Forum Nokia India about the apps ecosystem around Nokia phones. Right now Anne-Marie Mahfouf is explaining KDE-EDU (and how to contribute). She’s got a Kannada example in KLettres on the screen and about 60 people in the audience.

Bangalore Approach

On a train again – the same route I take every monday to my work, but now two hours earlier and with Bangalore, India as destination at the end of the day. I am truly looking forward to the conference; I will be giving a non-technical talk and will be happy to catch some technical insight (a refresher course, if you will) from speakers like Prashanth Udupa and Will Stephenson.

The crew has done a great job in keeping everyone informed and up-to-date. From a Dutch perspective India may be a bit chaotic, things are all right in the end. It’ll be wonderful.

Dear Bangalore

Only a few more weeks (what, three?) until, and it’s great to see a gentle stream of microblog posts come by with new features at the conference. I see there’s certificates for attendees. I find this slightly worrying, as I’ve had to sign a few in my time. Both for university courses and workshops, so I know how long it takes for 200 of them.

I’m looking forward to being on the road again, and to seeing Pradeepto, Prashanth, Akarsh and the rest of the people down south. I’m bad with names, so to all I’ve forgotten to mention explicitly here: see you soon, nonetheless. To all whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting, too: see you soon. It’ll be fun and educational.

One of the things that attendees might be warned against is my motivational tool. Aye, it is my quivering pink rod which will accompany me to India. Every Akademy since Mechelen has seen it in action.

Last — and so far only — time I was in Bangalore was for, I think in 2008. The printing on the mug has faded, but some memories stand out. Falling asleep in the hallway, for one. Millipedes. Wandering around looking for the best food (with success) for everyone’s needs. Watching in horror as Mumbai was attacked. Well, that’s rather a mixed bag of memories, isn’t it.

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