[en] Welcome to euroquis.nl. Originally intended as a site for a European source-code-quality project, it now serves as the hub of my online presence. Most of what happens here goes on on the blog.

[nl] Welkom bij euroquis.nl. Dit was oorspronkelijk bedoeld als site voor een Europees code-kwaliteitsbeoordelingsproject. Nu is het centrum van mijn online aanwezigheid. Er gebeurt vooral wat op mijn blog.


  • KDE e.V. board meeting January 2021 (2)

    KDE e.V. Board up close
    KDE e.V. Board up close

    Madness! 8-hour BBB calls all weekend for the KDE e.V. board. On the social front, I won at Skribbli, and workshopped the FLA, wrote a bunch of mail to keep people informed about what is going on, read even more email, listened to bits and pieces, but – as can be seen in the photo, vaguely – I still haven’t gotten around to shaving off my scary sideburns.

  • KDE e.V. board meeting January 2021

    A few times per year, the board of KDE e.V. gets together for a board meeting. While we also meet once a week for an hour to keep track of what is happening within the organization, the longer meetings are when big tasks are undertaken and the dusty corners are tidied up.

  • Year end blowout!

    Ten years ago, I started a new job. If I didn’t blog these things, I would never be able to remember them. Eleven years ago, I was blogging every other day, about all kinds of Free Software things and OpenSolaris bits and travels. This year has been a downer for a lot of folks, and I grew my hair long and my beard woolly as memories of swimming in the Amazon river fade away. Here’s some end-of-year summary bits to make an even 50 posts for the year.

  • Improving developer setup

    One of the important parts of getting-started in an project is setting up a developer environment (if you want to do code contributions; other kinds of contributions need different setup). Calamares has a thing called deploycala.py which mangles the system it is run in (recommended only in VMs or live-ISO) while the KDE project has a wiki page on getting involved as a developer and a build tool that can do initial system setup and help with builds.

  • Hardware: a Sharkoon PC Case

    Something different today, griping about hardware rather than software. At home, there is a fairly linear order of hardware deprecation: I buy new mid-high-end stuff (for KDE and FreeBSD and other development work), and the rest of the hardware is cycled to the kids (for gaming, mathematics, and XCB-based development), to grandma (for casual gaming and social contact). Today I’ll talk a little about a PC case, the Sharkoon VS7 midtower.

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