[en] Welcome to euroquis.nl. Originally intended as a site for a European source-code-quality project, it now serves as the hub of my online presence. Most of what happens here goes on on the blog.

[nl] Welkom bij euroquis.nl. Dit was oorspronkelijk bedoeld als site voor een Europees code-kwaliteitsbeoordelingsproject. Nu is het centrum van mijn online aanwezigheid. Er gebeurt vooral wat op mijn blog.


  • FreeBSD Instant-workstation 2020

    A little over a year ago I published an instant-workstation script for FreeBSD. The idea is to have an installed FreeBSD system, then run a shell script that uses only base-system utilities and installs and configures a workstation setup for you.

  • KDE Kirigami on FreeBSD

    There’s a new port in the FreeBSD ports tree: kirigami-gallery.

  • KDE's Fiduciary License Agreement

    Today my Akademy talk about KDE’s Fiduciary License Agreement goes live. The title in the schedule is FLA FLA FLA FLA FLA’ing Alive which I thought was a marginally clever play on something by the Bee Gees but .. marginally clever. So in my talk I’ll just use the title KDE’s Fiduciary License Agreement (you trust us with your life, right?) which still suffers from marginal cleverness, but is a little better.

  • Musescore and Plasma Styles

    Here’s another story of chasing a bug up and down the stack. The real work was done by Arjen, David, Marco and Noah whom I dragged into the debugging-and-fixing; mostly I sat and juggled bug reports in various up- and down- and side-stream trackers.

  • What time is it in Prague?

    I spent a day – spread out over some weeks – chasing a failure in a KDE unittest up and down the stack, in KDE libraries, Qt libraries, ical, and C-library-level timezone code.

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