[en] Welcome to euroquis.nl. Originally intended as a site for a European source-code-quality project, it now serves as the hub of my online presence. Most of what happens here goes on on the blog.

[nl] Welkom bij euroquis.nl. Dit was oorspronkelijk bedoeld als site voor een Europees code-kwaliteitsbeoordelingsproject. Nu is het centrum van mijn online aanwezigheid. Er gebeurt vooral wat op mijn blog.


  • GitHub Notification Actions

    Calamares, a Linux system installer used by a few dozen different distro’s, is hosted on GitHub. The source code and issues live there, and the website is run from GitHub pages. This post meanders around GitHub actions – things that happen in response to changes in a project – and how I built a Matrix-notification-thing for Calamares.

  • KDE on FreeBSD -- IRC channels

    The KDE-FreeBSD team has moved its primary communications channel (on IRC) in with the rest of the FreeBSD world. You can now find us on Libera.Chat, in the #freebsd-desktop channel.

  • Communications Channels

    The idea of free, open, community-building chat for Open Source projects was, and is, a good one. I’m grateful to Freenode sponsors and Freenode volunteers over a great many years.

  • FreeBSD on the Pine H6

    Pine makes a bunch of different bits of hardware. The Pine64 was a bit of a breakthrough in single-board-computing (SBC) – very different from the Raspberry Pi, and a lot more open-source. We could argue about just how open it is, but it did spawn the Pinebook and the Pinebook Pro. I hear the latter is really nice, and runs OpenBSD and FreeBSD too. Somewhat forgotten amongst all these is the Pine H6.

  • KDE on FreeBSD 2021o3

    As we trundle along and northern hemisphere spring interrupts my coding with activities like “you have rhubarb, bake something”, the KDE-on-FreeBSD team keeps chasing rainbows and software updates.

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