[en] Welcome to euroquis.nl. Originally intended as a site for a European source-code-quality project, it now serves as the hub of my online presence. Most of what happens here goes on on the blog.

[nl] Welkom bij euroquis.nl. Dit was oorspronkelijk bedoeld als site voor een Europees code-kwaliteitsbeoordelingsproject. Nu is het centrum van mijn online aanwezigheid. Er gebeurt vooral wat op mijn blog.


  • Wayland on FreeBSD with AMDGPU

    In the category of ever-more-specific niches for blog posts, here’s some notes today where I switched my main workstation – FreeBSD 13, nVidia GT730, KDE Plasma – over to KDE Plasma Wayland.

  • KDE Plasma Wayland on FreeBSD

    When I wrote about Wayland on FreeBSD I did not expect it to trigger “remove Wayland” kinds of comments in FreeBSD ports. Rather than spend time patching ports to remove functionality that we actuallyt want to work in future, I sat down for most of a day to wrestle with KDE Plasma Wayland on an Intel-based laptop (a Slimbook Base 14, still a lovely machine even if I have not gotten full FreeBSD support on it yet).

  • CMake Bitrot

    CMake is a (meta-)buildsystem that handles finding-dependencies and building-things. It’s been around for many years, and has been in use by the KDE community for 14 years. In that time, CMake itself has changed quite a bit: there’s “legacy CMake”, version 2.8, and “modern CMake” which is roughly everything after version 3.0. But even within the 3.0 series there is a slow shift in language and tooling. This means that for released software, the CMake buildsystem “bitrots”, to some extent. I’ll give some examples revealed by the CMake 3.20 release.

  • KDE e.V. board meeting April 2021

    Screenshot of Big Blue Button with doodle (bullseye)
    Screenshot of Big Blue Button with doodle (bullseye)

    The board of KDE e.V. sat down together (virtually) this weekend once again to do “board things” which means budgets, AGM planning, going over hiring and contracts, checking in with the working groups, and having a tiny bit of fun, too. The official song of this sprint is 2unlimited “Get Ready for This, but we made a playlist (see below).

  • FreeBSD meetings on the Desktop

    FreeBSD on the desktop is a whole stack - X11, Qt, KDE Frameworks, KDE Plasma and KDE Gear, and Wayland, and Poppler and GTK - o my!

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