[en] Welcome to euroquis.nl. Originally intended as a site for a European source-code-quality project, it now serves as the hub of my online presence. Most of what happens here goes on on the blog.

[nl] Welkom bij euroquis.nl. Dit was oorspronkelijk bedoeld als site voor een Europees code-kwaliteitsbeoordelingsproject. Nu is het centrum van mijn online aanwezigheid. Er gebeurt vooral wat op mijn blog.


  • Calamares ABI Checking

    Seems like over 3 years ago I wrote something about ABI stability checking and investigated a little how tools could be used to help maintain ABI stability for Calamares. Here are some callback notes.

  • Kids 'n Billies 2024 (Music Review)

    Kids ‘n Billies is a yearly music festival in Nijmegen. The genre is rockabilly, folk, ’50s, punk. It is a family friendly festival, outdoors in the fairly small (seats 900) open-air theatre the Goffert. I got “married” – by two Elvis impersonators – to my nepgenoot at the festival in 2012, so it’s our yearly musical outing. Here are some notes from this year’s edition, which was two weeks ago already.

  • Calamares & some Distro Notes

    Calamares is an indepdendent Linux distro-installer, and we just released Calamares 3.3.7. There’s a couple of known issues that need tracking down, but it is a slow process – one entirely dependent on how much time volunteers are able and willing to put into careful bug reporting (and reproduction) and then dealing with code to fix them. Anyway, here’s some semi-coherent notes about Calamares and distro’s and issues and things.

  • Serving up git trees

    For FreeBSD packaging (writing “ports”, as it is called), I usually just build on my host system – either in the actual host, or with poudriere – and call it a day. If it compiles on amd64 then it should work everywhere, right? (After all, “all the world’s a VAX”)

  • Needlessly Public

    When working on a legacy codebase that has leading-edge C++ constructs, but also deeply legacy design decisions, sometimes there’s nifty ways to use the one against the other.

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