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My blog gets updated semi-regularly. It is mostly software-development related, most often FreeBSD-packaging related. It gets aggregated to Planet KDE.

Cookies (food)

I do a fair bit of cooking. I used to maintain a website dedicated to a yearly desserts extravaganza. At work-work when I was in Utrecht I baked something – bread, cookies – every tuesday. Now I just bake at home. This spot is reserved for cookery-related content, which I haven’t gotten around to yet.


A Canadian by birth and a Dutchman by training, I studied mathematics and computer science (PhD. in formal methods from the University of Nijmegen), worked in legal and licensing for a while, wrote some medical-related software, and then moved on to working on Open Source projects full-time.

My pronouns are he/him, I’ll eat anything but vegetarian is preferred.


You can use GPG-signed or encrypted messages to communicate with me. The key is available from keyservers (if they are still running), or here, pubkey.asc.

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