Some bits and bobs from the KDE FreeBSD team in february 2020.

We met at the FreeBSD devsummit before FOSDEM, along with other FreeBSD people. Plans were made, schemes were forged, and Groff the Goat was introduced to some new people.

The big ticket things:

  • Frameworks are at 5.66
  • Plasma is at 5.17.5 (the beta 5.18 hasn’t been tried)
  • KDE release service has landed 19.12.2 (same day it was released)


  • KDevelop is at 5.5.0
  • KUserfeedback landed its 1.0.0 release
  • CMake is 3.16.3


  • Musescore is at 3.4.2
  • Elisa now part of the KDE release service updates

Future work:

  • KIO-Fuse probably needs extra real-world testing on FreeBSD. I don’t have that kind of mounts (just NFS in /etc/fstab) so I’m not the target audience.
  • KTextEditor is missing .editorconfig support. That can come in with the next frameworks update, when consumers update anyway. Chasing it in an intermediate release is a bit problematic because it does require some rebuilds of consumers.