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KDE Slimbook!

Yesterday I picked up my new KDE Slimbook from the stand at Akademy. First thing I did, of course, was boot it with my FreeBSD 11.0 SD card, to see if it works with my favorite operating system (with … Continue reading

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Best be precise

 KSysGuard — the system monitor — on FreeBSD seems oddly precise. This machine with FreeBSD 10.3 and KDE Applications 17.04.2 installed, tells me that I have 3,274,960.000000 KiB memory in use. That is, three million, two hundred seventy four thousand, … Continue reading

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Akademy Schedule

Akademy 2017 is coming close. The schedule of talks (Saturday, Sunday) is now posted, and the community wiki for organizing things is slowly filling up. The workshops and lightning talks and BoFs are being planned, too. I’m glad Anu Mittal … Continue reading

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FreeBSD 11.0 and Plasma 5 HowTo

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a machine with FreeBSD 11 in it, running X, and KDE Plasma 5 Desktop and KDE Applications. It’s the latest thing! (Except that 11-STABLE is in the middle of the pack of what’s supported … Continue reading

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Rand … ahhh

I’ve decided to go to Randa again this year. There’s at least four reasons for me to go: change of pace, trading coding-in-the-attic-office for coding-in-the-dining-room change of pace, trading discuss-coding-on-IRC for discuss-coding-while-hiking-to-the-glacier with a little planning, we can probably get … Continue reading

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Wayland, and Weston, and FreeBSD – oh my!

KDE’s CI system for FreeBSD (that is, what upstream runs to continuously test KDE git code on the FreeBSD platform) is missing some bits and failing some tests because of Wayland. Or rather, because FreeBSD now has Wayland, but not … Continue reading

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Daemons and friendly Ninjas

There’s quite a lot of software that uses CMake as a (meta-)buildsystem. A quick count in the FreeBSD ports tree shows me 1110 ports (over a thousand) that use it. CMake generates buildsystem files which then direct the actual build … Continue reading

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Calamares Testing

My project for Blue Systems is maintaining Calamares, the distro-independent installer framework. Not surprisingly, working on it means installing lots of Linux distro’s. Here’s my physical-hardware testing setup, which is two identical older HP desktop machines and a stack of … Continue reading

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KDE FreeBSD updates mid-june

I really wanted to say that Krita was the first KDE Frameworks 5-based application available in the official FreeBSD ports tree (so that pkg install krita just works), but it turns out that labplot has been KF5-based for a month … Continue reading

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Mixed KDE Applications on FreeBSD

The KDE Frameworks have been available in FreeBSD for a while now, but we haven’t seen much movement on the desktop environment or the applications front. KDE4 is still the latest you can get from ports. The plasma5/ branch in … Continue reading

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