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FOSS Nigeria 2010 report

It’s a cold and windy day here in Kano; that’s comparable to a nice warm day in summer in Nijmegen, so I keep explaining, and sitting around in shorts on the steps in front of the university guest house at … Continue reading

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Kanuri and Hausa Keyboards, part 2

Thanks to the comments on my previous blog entry about Hausa and Kanuri keyboard layouts, I’ve looked into the topic a little more, adding yet more options for typing. Dead keys: the keyboard may have “dead keys” for accents. A … Continue reading

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Hausa and Kanuri Keyboards

To type Hausa and Kanuri letters like ə, Ɓ or ƙ you will need to modify your keyboard layout. A keyboard layout maps the buttons on the keyboard to symbols which are displayed — you do not have to look … Continue reading

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On Source Signing

Brian Gough (a gentleman with whom I’ve stood in a room at one point, but I don’t think we’ve ever spoken) points out that KDE (that is, the release team for KDE) doesn’t GPG sign the source packages that it … Continue reading

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Heat it Up

With highs below 40 degrees it’s hard to know if it’s Minnesota in November or Kano this week. Scale is the thing here, and I do hope to be hotting it up in Kano for the second annual FOSS Nigeria … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

In spring I tend to write sentimental bits, like this one. I’ve spent the past two weeks mostly in the vegetable garden, fostering new life — potatoes, carrots and beans — and tearing out unwanted plants — stinging nettles and … Continue reading

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VirtualBox on FreeBSD

For some of the things I would like to do with the EBN code-quality checking machine — things outside the immediate realm of quality checking — I need some VMs beyond what FreeBSD’s jails give me. In particular, I need … Continue reading

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FreeBSD and Radeon 4350

The revival of my FreeBSD system meant that I was once again confronted with Xorg driver issues. The on-board GeForce 7050 isn’t recognized by the nv(4x) driver, and the proprietary nvidia one is a no-go because I’m running FreeBSD amd64 … Continue reading

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Compliance Engineering

Compliance engineering as a topic covers those activities that make it possible to ship a (consumer electronics) product that complies with the license(s) of the software contained in that product. That includes things like: figuring out what software actually is … Continue reading

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Moving and Updating a FreeBSD Boot Disk

Part of my FreeBSD update effort consists of tackling a peculiar problem. I haven’t found the problem described online anywhere else, so I’m going to detail the steps taken. But first, an effort to pin down the problem itself. I … Continue reading

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