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Qt 4.7.0 on OpenSolaris

Even though OpenSolaris is no more, and I should be writing about “Qt 4.7.0 on OpenIndiana” instead (OpenIndiana is a distribution made by the people of the Illumos Project, which is intended as a Free Software community development effort based … Continue reading

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Bits of Artwork

Ivan has been on a tear with his “stripes” series of wallpapers. They remind me of crinkly potato chips, too. In some random browsing I ended up on the Blue Mint, with 15 more cool wallpapers. The latter page shows … Continue reading

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Even if Talk Like a Pirate Day (developer idea: implement tlapd, a proxy LDAP server that mangles replies to be more piratey or which intercepts http requests) passed quiety for me this year, I’m still partial to the (ahem) romantic … Continue reading

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VirtualBox in use

I’ve been using VirtualBox (the Open Source Edition) a fair bit recently. My desktop machine fairly hefty: an i7 860, 4 core HT and 8GB RAM. I leave it running Kubuntu and VirtualBox on top of that. Then I have … Continue reading

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Vorstand (list) no more

For years — perhaps since KDE e.V. was formed — there has been a mailing list kde-ev-vorstand. A perfectly sensible name if you happen to speak German and know something about eingetragene Vereine. For the rest of the world, perhaps … Continue reading

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Software Freedom Day

This weekend is Software Freedom Day — a chance to celebrate the idea that you, the owner of a computing machine, should be in control of the computations done on that machine. As the owner, you should be able to … Continue reading

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KDE4 on OSOL bumps

A bit of a belated thanks to Albert and Frederik for providing information about updates in dependencies needed for KDE4 — even trunk things as it works towards the 4.6.0 release of Plasma Desktop and the KDE applications.That kind of … Continue reading

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Sun Studio updates

Sun Studio has been renamed Solaris Studio, to reflect its target OS — or maybe just to say that Sun has been consumed by the boa constrictor that is Oracle. Of course, Studio works on Linux as well, so the … Continue reading

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PDF Readers near you

Do you get this as well? A PDF delivered along with a message that you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader (r) to open that file? PDF is a (relatively) open standard. It is an ISO standard (19005-1), for one thing. … Continue reading

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Progress in KDE4 on OpenSolaris

The past few months I’ve been a little quiet about KDE4 on OpenSolaris, but that’s not to say that nothing happens. Pavel Heimlich and Jan Hnatek have pushed the packages and dependencies forward. For instance, the 4.5.1 release of Plasma … Continue reading

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