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New Laptop

I picked up a new laptop recently, and I think there’s both a hardware and a software tale to tell. My big fat MSI GX620 laptop — P8400, GF9800, full HD 17" screen — had given up the ghost somewhere … Continue reading

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OpenSUSE migrations / mobile broadband

Over the past few weeks I’ve been migrating my Linux machines — laptops, desktop, even the VMs at work-work which I use to give me a comfortable development environment — to OpenSUSE 11.4. It’s hard to say exactly why though. … Continue reading

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A licensing information surprise on FreeBSD

I love FreeBSD. If perhaps the relationship has been cooler in recent years, it was because I was messing around with a red-headed stepsister called OpenSolaris and because suspend didn’t work on the laptop I was mostly using for the … Continue reading

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That’s a wrap

Congratulations to the organizing team of the Berlin Desktop Summit (or Desktop Summit in Berlin). Lots of good stories of collaboration. (That’s collaboration that might not show up in any kind of measurements or indicators, though, if there’s no electronic … Continue reading

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Meaning of Collaboration

My previous post, which referred to Paul’s Oracle of ERVIN, should perhaps also have pointed at Rolf Eike’s criticism (and part 2) of the Oracle directly. Dakon (that’s Rolf Eike) points out that words tend to have some generally accepted … Continue reading

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