Reading old stuff

A few months ago, Helio blogged about building KDE 1 (again) on modern systems. So recently while cleaning up some boxes of old books, I found the corresponding books — which shows that there was a time that there was a market for writing books about the Linux desktop.

Particularly the top book, “Using KDE” by Nicholas Wells, is interesting. The first page I opened it up to was a pointer to the KDE Translation teams, and information on how to contribute, how to get in touch with the translation teams, etc. You can still find the translation info online, although the location has changed since 2000.

There’s also tips and tricks on getting your .xinitrc right, and how to safely fall back to twm. I find this amusing, because I still use the same techniques when testing new Plasma 5 packages in a FreeBSD VM. It’s good that the old standalone twm is still there, but it would be much more amusing to fall back to KDE 1.1.2 if Plasma 5 doesn’t start right, I think.

One thought on “Reading old stuff

  1. Yeap. I had a book about migrating from Windows to Linux. I don’t remember too well, but I think it described Red Hat 7.3 or such, with KDE 3. Actually, thinking about it, it might be what made me choose KDE to begin with 🙂
    By the way, Distrowatch still has all the old release articles, and some of them are hilarious in hindsight, for instance: