Spent yesterday in Germany. The usual applies: nice train ride and for once the ICE from Arnhem wasn't horrifically late or broken down (for some reason the ICE in the Netherlands and on the stretch to Oberhausen is unreliable, but after that very good). Battery life of laptop pretty much as expected and published: a little over 2 hours. That's fine for the purposes for which I bought it. Ridiculously pleased about German food. For some reason I nearly always leave a Dutch restaurant feeling like I got ripped off, while schweinhaxe (pork hock) and beer (I didn't count, but it was tasty) seemed like an excellent deal. Thought a little about a To-Do list based on the hacking on KDE 4.3 that I've done recently -- very often patches get delayed and then blocked because of freezes and then bumped to the next cycle and delayed again .. it's a maintainence nightmare when fixes are not sent upstream (e.g. to KDE SVN).

  • File bug report for CMake's FindBoost. Attach patch to that bug report.
  • Fix up KPilot's akonadi resources wrt. Boost includes.
  • Figure out how to package soprano -- I'm told that KDE 4.3 beta relies on an unreleased Soprano version. Guys, that just makes it more difficult to build, package and test stuff.
  • Write a spec file / package for the oxygen icons so that KDE looks less empty -- or less tango-y, as the case may be. Thanks to sebas, nuno and other commenters who pointed out that they have moved.
  • Finally merge in the kpci nested-anonymous-union changes.
  • Try to change qstringmatcher.h so it doesn't define a type in an anonymous union -- this isn't critical, but it's an annoying warning to get for each and every file that is compiled.
  • And dozens more patches to upstream, but these are the ones that bother me most.