This year's CCOSA was done without me, as I no longer work for CodeYard -- and anyway, I was speaking elsewhere. Ah, CCOSA: The CodeYard Capgemini Open Source Award, which is awarded each year to the coolest CodeYard projects. It's a cash prize for the students involved and their school (split fifty-fifty) rewarding their dedication and talent. The two winning projects were OpenOffice Share and FretsWeb. I'll let their websites speak for themselves, as they testify to the professionalism of the students involved. FretsWeb has since moved on to SourceForge (let's face it, CodeYard serves as an incubator for the "big time").

It's the OpenOffice Share project that particularly piques my interest. Adding a collaborative editing workflow to an application like OOo is a big feature win. OK guys, now do it again for KOffice, ok?