I see that Bertjan had the scoop (over the dot story) that the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit videos are online in a Free-Software-friendly format (ogv). Please note that the talk listed as Mustapha Abubakar is not, in fact, Mustapha himself, but some shoddy stand-in who didn't even bring his Hausa man's hat. I'm going to have to show the wife this one, because she's always wondering what it is I actually get up to at these conferences.

Also, Albert has an excellent idea with KDE 4.3 release dinners; that one is past already (vids guys?), but KDE 4.3 is still upcoming.

There's a KDE-NL Summer BBQ to celebrate the midpoint between KDE 4.3.0 and KDE 4.3.1 on August 23rd, too. Lots of opportunity to demonstrate your secret talents this summer.