Vacation mapBack from a two-week cycling vacation, just the family, three bikes and a tent. Mira is now six, so she can ride her own bike for about 10km on regular roads before she's tired. To cover the rest of the distance we got a bike trailer thing that her bike hooks into -- it lifts the front wheel securely off the ground, leaving the rear wheel on the road where it can be pedaled as usual, or freewheeled. Still, with the time constraints of packing up, cyling slowly for an hour and kids falling asleep at the wheel (or handlebars), we covered 20-40km per day. Our campgrounds are either farms (SVR) or nature campgrounds; the Netherlands is a good location for family cycle tours, because there's plenty of camgrounds and nearly always a supermarket every 10km or so. That means lots of contingencies can be handled, including "heavy rain: go play in shopping carts".

The image is from Google Earth; the data is my GPS track from my Amaryllo logger, which is 27MB -- not bad for 5 days of logging, really (we didn't relocate daily). There's some gaps in the data, mostly where reception was poor due to heavy rain and tree cover, but on the whole it gives a good idea of where I've been, and is nice for supporting my memory of what we did.

Getting back into the swing of things -- work, and I totally missed the release of KDE 4.3 and the demise of SXCE -- will be the rest-of-the-week activities.