It's been a while since I posted stuff about the kids - that is, stuff that is neither FSFE (legal, licensing or policy) nor KDE (development, porting) nor NLUUG (open standards, open systems) related. I could even have titled this post "Who is my family?" to keep with the recent theme of posting random pictures of (sub)groups of people.

My youngest child is five years old. Among other things, that means that he now has "leerplicht", which is a Dutch way of saying he must attend school during regular school days and hours -- so no more rushing away to random countries for conferences for him. I had a vague scheme to take him to at one point, but this year that wonderful conference overlaps with Amiel's birthday (ok, it would have been cool to have a party in Bangalore) and Sinterklaas (high point of the Dutch family social calendar) which meant that the MOMC put her foot down and said "you will (both) stay here."

So now it's december, Amiel is five and happy at school and about to start English classes -- maybe I should try to teach Mira some python so she can start writing plasmoids (after all, she's six).