I've added some bits and pieces to my badges-for-licenses scheme, mostly based on comments received from readers. Most notably, I've added the LGPL, added links to the license texts, twiddled the CSS a bit, added mouse-over warning messages to those licenses that deserve a warning, and improved the description of some of the badges. What still needs doing -- and I wonder how to achieve a good balance between having an overview of licenses that is short enough to be readable, and the subtleties of licensing reality -- is writing up a good piece on how these badges reflect the most important pointsof each license, but do not state the complete effect of each license (unlike Creative Commons licenses, where each set of icons maps to one set of license terms).

The next round of updates will basically be adding more licenses, improving some of the icons, snazzing up the presentation a bit and importing the whole thing into the FSFE site. That's for just before FOSDEM, I think.