The organization "Bits of Freedom is a Dutch NGO Privacy watchdog. It has been re-vivified in the past years. It hands out semi-regular Big Brother Awards (say, isn't the estate of George Orwell going to wake up at some point?) for the worst offenses against privacy in the Netherlands. Worth reading if your Dutch comprehension is ok. BoF has garnered some mainstream media attention as well, which offers hope that privacy isn't completely a lost cause in this country. [Current schemes of nationwide chipcard travel and road-pricing deny that hope] There's also a "Winston Prize" for someone fighting for privacy, which went to the Euro-MP Sophie in't Veld. It took me a minute to figure out the "Winston" name, but since I'd read 1984 (it says so right there in my book list) the light dawned eventually.

Anyway, cheers to BoF, and keep watching over your own privacy.