Back from Vienna: check. Presentation for FSFE successful: check. Gift for MOMC given: check. Color of Danube HTML-ified: 6093D1. Health: still not there. While it's getting to be severely spring here, I'm still wrestling with the tail end of the epic cold / pneumonia / general malaise that I picked up mid-january.

So I've seen a number of things go by that I feel I should have commented on, or reacted to, or written critiques of, but didn't. Things like Aaron's 10 challenges for the year; or Jos' Freedom series; or the how-and-where-to-critique-most-usefully blogversation (ugh, cut out the neologisms, plzkthx). The EIF2 has been updated (in draft form, still) and ACTA has been leaky. The MPL is being re-vamped. The NLUUG spring conference is coming up. Akademy and GUADEC calls for participation have been published.

Running behind terribly on everything, that is.