Mira en Amiel zetten de schoenA letter made of bread

It's nearly December, which means that Sinterklaas is on his way in the Netherlands. During the recent board meeting it took quite some time to explain to Celeste how Sint works. One good resource is the Sinterklaasjournaal. It's basically the evening news -- produced by the same crew and hosted by Dieuwertje Blok, who was the national news anchor in the lates '80s -- related to Sinterklaas.

Anyway, the kids are big into Sinterklaas, and dutifully set out their shoes when the time comes. Here's the kids (six and seven years old) after setting out their shoes, complete with a drawing for Sint and Piet and a carrot for the horse. The next morning they had both received a letter of their name in bread; see here Amiel's initial. You will notice the bite out of the upper right -- that's because this year there is a Baby Piet who is taking bites out of all the candy being made in the candy factory in Harderwijk.

Yes, this is madness, but it's the best kind of madness. No worse than late-friday-afternoon wrestling with the KDE e.V. website or policy documents.

The bun in the oven is a whole-wheat-and-sesame loaf, actually.