You know, I've been blogging under the "bobulate" flag for several years now (before that, in the early days of, it was "frond") and it never struck me before to actually go looking for other bobulators. Thankfully I did, because I ran across two fascinating sites.

One is, which to me feels a little like reading some of Tycho's best -- intricate sentences that release their meaning slowly, when teased apart by the mind. A tea or coffee simile may apply as well.

The other is the writing of Whitney Hess, user-experience designer. UX is not my cup of tea, but it's wonderful to watch someone else with enthusiasm and talent do it.

So much serendipity in searches -- I spotted these two while searching for what I thought were good keywords for my previous power consumption measurements on desktop systems. Another item that popped up was a collection of opinions of the solicitor of the department of the interior (of the USA) regarding the sale of alcohol on Indian reservations in the 1970s.