Now I have traded hot and dry for cool and damp, it's about time to put my thoughts together regarding That will be a separate post though. There are also slides to upload and things like that.
I flew back with Fregl; JR had a flight an hour earlier so the three of us shared a cab. Traveling together means you can swap reading materials, so the both of us got through "Pirates! in an adventure with communists". A (sea)worthy read.
If you get a tummy ache from airplane food on the way home, does that count as Delhi Belly? The food in India was great, although I will admit that idly for breakfast five days in a row gets a little boring. On the other hand Pradeepto was very good at picking nice things to eat each evening. I may have enjoyed the Ayodha food most.
So thanks once more to the P-man, Sirtaj, Prashanth, Gaurav, Vishesh, Kenny and all the other guys for making a big success. See you next time.