Welp, summer vacation is over again, cycled from Nijmegen south.

At the outset I said "we'll go south till we have to speak French, and then turn around", which meant "until Luik / Liége". Didn't make it that far, for the simple reason that campgrounds that are compatible with a family of cyclists with a tent are rare in that area.

Instead, we cycled through Belgian Limburg, across Dutch Limburg from Maastricht to Vaals, and then back up north to Venlo. I would show a map (as I did last year with Marble), but I did my GPS logging with My Tracks on Android this time, and I'd have to spend too much time mucking about to get the data off the device for processing.

Last year we rode 440km of completely flat Friesland and Groningen. This year there were hills (the Dutch Mountains!), and we weren't sure how the kids would fare in more challenging terrain. We needn't have worried. Mira's "hey dad, let's bike up the tallest mountain in the Netherlands" (322m above sea level, rising from Vaals at 160m, so this is not Tour de France material yet) was later followed by Amiel's "hey dad, I want to ride 100km on the last day". He's nine years old and it took us from 10:30am to 9:00pm, but we got to the train station at Venray with 99.98km on the meter (and another 3km to go after we got off the train in Nijmegen).

Still got a few days off from work-work, so I've decided to pick up some KDE-FreeBSD stuff again, and Tupi in particular.