I was on a stroll down memory lane -- partly because I was showing the kids that I was blogging before they were born ("so were you, like, internet-popular back then?") -- and ran across this old entry for cooking local. And I realised that not much has changed (and I still don't have a recipe for sinasiri, nor much chance of ever getting one). Sunday breakfast was home-made Brussels waffles (roughly this recipe from Piet Huysentruyt), home-baked whole wheat bread with sunflower seeds (from a slowly-mutated recipe that most likely originated in one of the Moosewood Cookbooks, but basically straight-forward yeast bread), home baked blueberry pie (admittedly with frozen blueberries, from a Junior Masterchef competition) and meringues (recipe is on a grubby sheet of paper folded in with one of my cookbooks).

I still believe it's important to know what goes into my food, and to make sure the kids know how to make stuff from scratch (it's fun to me, at any rate, to notice how Mira has grown stronger as she's grown older and now can actually knead the dough for an entire loaf of bread). There's probably a simile for software development hiding here, but all this writing about food has gotten me hungry (so dinner will be roasted parsnips).