At the end of this month, after six-and-a-half years working there, I'll be leaving the Dutch Association of Audiological Centres (FENAC) where I've been working as developer. I'll be switching to Free Software-related projects, which I'll write about around june 1st.

Gosh, six years. In that time, I've written patches for SQLAlchemy, plugins for TRAC, developed my personal theory on the importance of tertiary employment benefits (i.e. baking cookies every tuesday is good for morale), learned a lot about Python, developed packaging tools and small-scale CI things, learned some C#, and gotten used to a certain office culture.

Even so, it's time to change gears. I'll miss my favorite baking colleague Meike and the recipes we developed (in particular walnut-date balls); I probably won't miss C#. I definitely won't miss hours in the train every day. I'm particularly looking forward to sitting down for C++ again regularly, and getting a decent cup of espresso at 10am instead of instant.