Quoting from a message Tobias C. Berner sent to the kde-freebsd mailing list:

The development repository that the KDE-FreeBSD team uses to work on the KDE for FreeBSD is moving to github. For a long time we have been using', an SVN repository kindly hosted by PC-BSD and iX Systems. At this point in time, we believe that moving to github will make the ports a bit more accessible for users and align our ports-development effort better with the way upstream (that is, with official FreeBSD ports) works. We would like to express our thanks to PC-BSD for hosting us all this time, in particular Josh Paetzel for administering the repository. In the coming days we will be updating documentation to reflect the new source of KDE-FreeBSD ports.

The repository can now be found at freebsd/freebsd-ports-kde, where the plasma5 branch is a ports tree with all the updates from the old svn repository.

The main difference between the old svn repository and the new one is, that like gnome@ and xorg@, we now have a complete portstree. So the kdemerge script previously used is obsolete -- however, this also mean, that we will lag behind ports-master, which we will try to sync with every weekend.

Thanks also to bapt@ for helping set up this ports tree, and kwm@ for helpful suggestions based on what the GNOME-FreeBSD team has done.

We're updating the documentation (in the KDE Community Wiki), but mostly things will be simpler, and it may make sense to simply checkout /usr/ports from the KDE-FreeBSD ports tree instead of anything else. We'll continue to call it "Area51", even if that string doesn't occur in its name anymore.