Post-Akademy, I'm spending a couple of days in the south of Spain, enjoying the scenery, snorkeling, climbing hills, finding CMake issues, playing with the Slimbook, and generally having a two-thirds-vacation.

Today after lunch I was staring vacantly at the tree next to my cabin-by-the-beach, and then I saw it; a Geeko, staring back at me! The photo isn't very good, but the little creature smiled the same munificent smile that the openSUSE Geeko has, and then climbed away through the leaves.

I'll be back "on duty" soon, at which point I have a list of things-to-do a mile long inspired by Akademy. The conference is really great for bringing everyone together, and there's some scope for getting-things-done right there, but when Volker whispers in my ear during the group photo "please fix KUserFeedback on KDE FreeBSD CI", that kind of thing gets shuffled off to the list "later, when I get home".