Well, it’s been a long six-to-eight months. But [bobulate] is back, and some of the pent-up blogging needs are ready to be unleashed on Planet KDE and wherever else.

Late last year there were some hiccups with my hosting provider, which led to SSL issues. Those were solved, and I carried on with the existing hosting. Then in february or so the MySQL server at the hosting provider went down, and I filed some tickets, grumbled a bit, and figured it would resolve itself. After all, this blog isn’t a staggeringly important piece of internet infrastructure, and I could let off notifications through the Calamares announcements for my major work, and through Twitter for KDE packaging on FreeBSD.

And february dragged on into april, may, with no resolution of the issues in sight, and then a letter arrived from the Dutch internet authority saying that my hoster was no longer an official registry and that my domains were now floating around.

That’s when some form of panic struck – although in the end I only lost one of them to a domain-hijacker in Hong Kong. I’ve switched hosting to another Free-Software-friendly place, switched out Wordpress for the much easier-to-manage Jekyll, and will be re-building the archives as I go along.

Free Software Stuff

To justify having this on the Planet, let’s talk a little about Free Software.

  • Calamares, a Linux system installer used by a bunch of boutique (specialized) distro’s, continues chugging along. I decided this spring to try to stick to a two-week release cycle, in order to get things out the door – any things – rather than grind though a set milestone. That’s worked pretty well, getting small and incremental improvements out the door much faster – although the big stuff still takes a long time to work out. I’ll be sticking to this schedule after summer vacations.
  • KDE-FreeBSD continues to hum along, Tobias is doing most of the work while I’m busy, but together we manage to keep the packaing up-to-date with all the latest releases.
  • I wrote a little meeting-management bot for Matrix, based on what I remember from the IRC channel #koffie from EFnet long, long ago.

Summer vacation’s been mentioned. After those vacations, it’s september, and so

I'm going to Akademy 2019