As part of migrating this blog from a defunct hosting company and a Wordpress installation, to a non-defunct hosting company and Jekyll, I’m re-visiting a lot of old posts. Assuming the RSS generator is ok, that won’t bother the feed aggregators (the KDE planet in particular). The archives are slowly being filled in, and one entry from 2004 struck me:

Ok, my new machine is installed (an amd64 running FreeBSD -CURRENT, which puts me firmly at the forefront of things-unstable).

Not much has changed in 15 years, except maybe the “unstable” part. Oh, and I tend to run -STABLE now, because that’s more convenient for packaging.

Something else I spotted: in 2004 I was working on KPilot as a hobby project (alongside my PhD and whatever else was paying the bills then), so there’s lots of links to the old site.

Problem is, I let the domain registration expire long ago when Palm, Inc., the Palm Pilot, and KDE 4 ceased to be a going concern. So, that domain has been hijacked, or squatted, or whatever, with techno bla-bla-bla and recognizable scraps of text from the ancient website. Presumably downloading anything from there that pretends to be KPilot will saddle you with plenty of malware.

In any case it’s a reminder that links from (very) old blog posts are not to be trusted, particularly. Since the archives are being updated (from old Wordpress backups, and from the Internet Archive) I’ll try to fix links or point them somewhere harmless if I spot something, but no guarantess.