My recent-ish (2019, 2020) talks have been added to the website.

Some time ago I ran across remark-cmake, a CMake framework for building remark.js-based presentations. Since I’m a sucker for CMake I started using it, even if my presentations are rarely big-and-complicated enough to warrant a build-system.

Since then I’ve submitted a few pull-requests to remark-cmake, but also given eight (8) presentations using that framework at four (4) different conferences in four countries on two continents. Current scheduling suggests that one more continent and at least four more talks will be added before summer.

Generally my slides are just accompaniment to what I’m talking about, and they can be quite short compared to the talk itself. There was a time I tried to stick to one slide per five minutes of talk time. Something I’ve largely dropped now is the “About me” slide, that’s something that will show up in the conference speakers’-biographies page, if anyone cares. And I’ll probably mention Rick Astley, recumbent bicycles and cookies anyway.

But, on the off chance that the slides are useful to someone else, or you want to know about the kind of things I’m talking about, I’ve plunked them down on my website under presentations. The one I’m proud of is Hey guys, this conference is for everyone because it was spur-of-the-moment and the talk itself was full of other cultural-differences issues that were relevant to an international and diverse audience, and I learned things while on stage because Nuritzi corrected me from the front row.