This blog has been running for at least 16 years in various locations, so it has seen its share of births and job changes and so it is inevitable that there are also deaths. Let me tell you there is no way to put “fun” in a funeral.

My father-in-law was a computer salesman from the 70s until the early 2000s, and he taught me that a legitimate sales talk is also “you don’t need this, please save your money”. He also taught me how to use a spade, and make tea for his daughter while she paints the house. For the past ten months he had been living under a cloud, but as actively and positively as he could. Mid-january he succumbed to the tumor in his head.

While my father-in-law had his own motto for life, it matches pretty well something I wrote down in 2008,

“The point is to make a difference. Not just a difference for yourself, but a difference for the world.” (Atul Chitnis)

Farewell, Wil. You made a difference.