At Akademy in Milan – I’m pretty sure it was then – I gave a talk about “Managing meeting in Matrix”. Since then I’ve used QuatBot to run over a hundred meetings. Sometimes there’s new features that we realise are useful, so now there’s a 0.3 release.

New Features

The driver for this release are twofold:

  • I introduced a bug for 0.2 that ignored idle users. That means that if someone skipped a meeting, they wouldn’t be called-upon in later meetings. Impolite, and inconvenient for those who use Matrix notifications on the desktop as a reminder “o yeah, meeting”.
  • I missed a meeting, and then collecting the notes of the meeting retroactively is a pain in the butt. So I wrote a qb-dumper that can connect to the room and “scroll back” in history to a given timestamp, and then logs from there as if it was in a meeting. It’s a bit of a hack, but it works. It gave me an excuse to consciously use C++17 and std:: algorithms, too.

Last time I wrote

.. well, if I wanted to put a lot more time into building meeting-management bots for Matrix, I could.

This was true, since I chewed up most of a whole day working on the dumper. That would pay for a whole lot of copy-paste work from missed meetings, to be sure.

Getting the Source

QuatBot still isn’t a KDE project, so it lives over on GitHub.