It’s happening! Yes, Linux App Summit (LAS) 2022, but more in particular a gradual return to hybrid conferences – a mix of in-real-life and virtual. I’m looking forward to seeing .. no, more than just seeing, but touching .. friends from GNOME, from KDE, from CHAOSS, and the rest of the Free Software world again. OK, “touching” sounds creepy. I’ll ask consent first, which is the least I can do to satisfy the Code of Conduct. Maybe I’ll check the slides of the impromptu lightning talk I gave in 2019 as well.

Going to a physical event feels weird. It feels semi-safe. I know a lot of the people there, I look up to many, I assume everyone is smart, capable and looking out for the good of the world-as-a-whole. Getting together is not-quite-the-safest-thing-to-do. Though it’s likely to be a dang lot safer than regular train travel in the Netherlands, where every precaution has been scrapped because the pressure on health care is “low enough”. Italy is still being fairly careful. But enough about travel restrictions, let’s look at the timetable.

Linux App Summit banner
Linux App Summit banner

Curses! Like, right off from the start I need to pick between Ruth Ikegah and Anita Ihuman, about different aspects of health and commitment towards Open Source projects. Well, this is a time that I really appreciate the hybrid conference setup, it’s made the whole record-and-stream think so much more routine (not without a care, but routine) that at least I know I can catch up with the talk I don’t go to, later.

Half a day later, I need to choose again, between Heather Ellsworth and Tuomas Hietala. Heather explained some high-energy physics to me in 2019, which I hope she won’t quiz me on this year.

With quality, community, gaming and translation on the menu, you can tell that LAS is well-worth-it. Having dinner with fun people – oh, and meeting some of the employees and contractors of KDE e.V. for the first time – is a bonus. See you there or on-line!

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