At work-work there are educational sessions for the software team. They last about 2 hours, generally filled with a mix of watching a talk, discussing how the talk applies to the codebase, and individual developers presenting something. Typical conference talks might come from CPP on Sea). Discussion might go on about vocabulary types – what are the things in our system? Presentations are whatever somebody feels is interesting, and I’ve written up two 20-minute talks so far.

There’s CMake Domain-Specific-Languages, which was written to talk about how we (at work-work) can update our CMake infrastructure to be less repetetive and to express better the kinds of things we build. It’s based on my experience with Calamares (which has CMake code to support writing Calamares modules) and ARPA2CM (similar, also for things like “build all the kinds of libraries you can from these sources”). The slides have been sanitized of any internal bits.

There’s Qt Resource System, which is about .qrc. With C23 landing #embed (thanks to JeanHeyd Meneide) there is renewed interest in the topic, and like a real guitarist I’m going to stand back and say “I can do that.” Well, for the domain of Qt-based applications, using .qrc isn’t all that bespoke, and CMake supports it out of the box, so this is an effective way to use in Qt-C++ now (and also 15 years ago) what C23 now has at the language level.

Both of my slide decks are CC-BY 4.0 licensed, so if you can use them as support for a talk of your own, go on!

The slide decks make use of remark, slightly tweaked because I realised that all my talks can share CSS and other resources, since I’m not delivering them as stand-alone projects. And it’s cool of work-work to have my writing time published on my personal site and not hidden away in some intranet.