GitHub is rolling out 2FA, and Calamares is one of the repositories I maintain there. Calamares seems like kind-of-important infrastructure for some things (e.g. Microsoft’s own Linux distro). Enabling 2FA was remarkably painless because I already had a bunch of 2FA stuff set up for KDE’s Invent. Invent is a GitLab instance and all-round more pleasant, frankly. Enabling 2FA was funny because the first thing FreeOTP (the 2FA authenticator I use) said was “weak crypto settings” when scanning the GitHub QR code. Good job, folks.

So Calamares is still on GitHub. Thanks to Kevin I’m reminded that GH is like an addiction. Also that there have been calls to leave GH for years. As a maintainer-with-no-time of a repo, there are still no concrete plans to move. KDE Invent still seems like a non-starter because of translations workflow.

Anyway, rest assured that the Calamares repo is now 2FA-safe. And that a 3.3 release will happen someday.