By following instructions from Carl and Cassidy and Jan I have enabled comments on my blog. They will be on for some posts, not nearly all. Sometimes, a post is just a post.

As part of the update, I of course ran into a handful of issues. The instructions – I mostly followed Jan – are good. All the footguns were commissioned only by myself.

  • Ruby jumped to 3.2 on FreeBSD since the last time I updated any software on my builder host. That deprecated some parts of the core language, so I needed to bump the Liquid Theme to version 4.0.4 to get it to render any pages at all.
  • All the examples I saw had a big-ball-of-Javascript in the resulting layouts. I can’t shake my C++ habits and the guidelines that I apply all day every day at work-work, so I factored out some bits and pieces and split things into functions in a separate file, so that blog posts carry only a tiny JS call.
  • My patience with all things CSS and HTML is very very limited. So after a half hour of Firefox console and HTML inspector I had had enough, and comments will render just-barely-ok. On the other hand, comments are generated by out-of-line Javascript, so I can always update the rendering later.