I’ve been working on Calamares, the Universal Linux Installer, for a little over two years – following up in the role Teo started. It’s used by Neon (for the dev version, not the user version) and Manjaro and lots of other Linux distributions. I’ve typically called it an installer for boutique distro’s, as opposed to the Big Five.

Well, Debian 11 has plans. And lubuntu uses it as well (and has for over six months).

Those seem pretty big.

This does not change the way Calamares is developed (much), really. The same principles apply as with each recent release.

  • PRs are welcome. Really! Especially if you have something specific to implement, or specialised knowledge. I’ll quibble about code formatting and style and possibly encourage you to do things in a more general fashion, but most PRs are good.
  • Well-written feature requests get attention (drop in on IRC to talk about them).
  • Regressions get fixed now (if I understand your bug report).

I consider Calamares development to be collaborative, and I’m mostly here to deliver the things that distro’s downstream need (since my “own” distro would be FreeBSD, and that’s a long-long-term project with Calamares).