I’ve wrapped up the Calamares 3.2 branch today. It is now in bug-fix-only mode, or LTS. The main development branch, calamares, is now for a future 3.3 release. The new release will drop a bunch of legacy support, dating back to Debian 8. This cleans up a bunch of #ifdefs and means we can target just one Qt version. The release wraps up my paid involvement with Calamares – call 3.1 and 3.2 the “era of [ade]” if you will – and for now, hands the project over to the community.

I’m sure there will be another maintainer at some point. The project itself is Free Software, it isn’t going to go away, be co-opted, or destroyed. Heck, even Microsoft has a package of Calamares. For the Linux distributions that contribute back to Calamares development, I’m still here to do a little handholding, to press the “release” button, etc. and to ensure a smooth transition.

After this weekend, I start new things! (Starting with “O yeah, I need some days off for a KDE e.V. meeting”)