I love FreeBSD. If perhaps the relationship has been cooler in recent years, it was because I was messing around with a red-headed stepsister called OpenSolaris and because suspend didn't work on the laptop I was mostly using for the past two years.

KDE on FreeBSD is very much alive. Oh, and there's EuroBSDCon in the Netherlands in a month and a half.

In my case, FreeBSD remains the go-to place for getting stuff done at the server end of things. Today, that meant installing bugzilla so I could test a patchfor bugzilla information harvesting in XML format. I love how it's a dead-simple "portinstall bugzilla" and it does whatever heavy lifting and interactive configuration is necessary.

While running that, I did notice the following license information line in the output (screenshot of a FreeBSD VM in VirtualBox):