X11 clients on the Beagle Bone Black .. that's X11 over the network, with the X Server elsewhere. No display as yet. The FreeBSD wiki notes that there's no (mini) HDMI driver yet. So I built some X11 programs, xauth(1) and xmessage(1), and installed them on the Bone. Since I bought a blue case for the Bone, and it is the smallest computer in the house (discounting phones .. let's call it the smallest hackable computer in the house) the kids decided to call it smurf. Here's a screenshot of poudriere's text console as it builds packages.

Poudriere build console Poudriere build console

Timestamps on the left are since the start of the overall build, so after 20 minutes and 11 seconds I had an xmessage(1) package built. Building that package only took (timestamp in the middle) 1 minute and 41 seconds, with the time preceding that all spent in building dependencies, like X Athena Widgets. Woo! Rock the pre-Qt dancefloor.

Since smurf pulls packages from my (cross-)build machine, all I needed to to was pkg install xauth xmessage to install everything, and that leads to screenshots like this:

Screenshot with xmessage(1) XMessage running on the Beagle Bone Black

I'd show a screenshot with Qt5 designer, too (cross-compiling all of Qt5 took a little over a day, with 16 hours of that on qt5-webkit), but that mostly shows it dumping core as it fails to find a system- or user-dbus. Once I have that sorted, I'll have a nice little machine on which it's totally pointless to run Qt apps, but I will finally have an excuse to do a little QML and C++ to write a Qt5, ARMv6-FreeBSD, Beagle Bone Black user LED application -- so's to rock the house with four blinkin' LEDs.