There's a whole mess of updates in the area51 repository maintained by the KDE-FreeBSD team. These are the ports that will eventually, when they're ready, be merged into the official FreeBSD ports tree (which still has KDE 4, installable through the kde4-metaport). Recent updates include Frameworks 5.17 (released december 12th), Plasma 5.5.1 (the weekly bugfix release, from december 15th) and Applications 5.12.0 (the 16th). But there's other things going on as well: due to naming clashes (e.g. what to call last year's kate, which is co-installable with this-year's kate?) there is now a kate-legacy port. Ralf Nolden has provided updates for Qt creator.

Some updates have also made it to the official ports tree. That's generally the case when they've matured for a while in area51, or when they are a regular update to existing software. In the official ports tree, Calligra has updated to version 2.9.10, released december 9th. Some options that make sense in a Frameworks+Plasma environment have been dropped, since for now the official ports repository targets KDE4.

As usual, I'm grinding through this lot of updates with poudriere, and then trying them out in a VM to see what happens (my other decent machine which I'd use for live tests has been totally taken over by the kids for the purpose of playing with dinosaurs).