Thanks to the Chakra announcement, I could copy-and-paste the title of this blog post. Thanks, folks.

The latest round of software releases by the KDE Community -- Frameworks, Plasma, and Applications -- can be found the KDE-on-FreeBSD community's area51 repository. These are unofficial ports, not yet included in the official ports tree.

One day, these ports will all be merged upstream, but not yet. There are some steps to be taken first. One of them is updating Qt upstream, to Qt 5.5. I'm told this is "somewhat close". When that is done, it becomes possible to introduce the newer KDE releases as well. The integration issues aren't so much the KDE software itself, as getting everything in ports to build and build nicely.

Once that is done, you can expect KDE Frameworks 5 to start infiltrating the ports tree, and then the whole flood of Plasma Desktop and the KDE Applications.