Some interesting things -- for KDE users and developers -- have landed in the official FreeBSD ports tree recently.

CMake has updated to 3.5.0. One side effect of CMake updates is that newer policies tend to produce voluminous warning messages when building older software (like kdelibs4-based things, which is all the KDE software in official ports right now). This can make it hard to track down cmake / configure errors amongst the warnings. There's not much to do there except (slowly) update other ports to set the new (or old) policies explicitly.

kdelibs4-related ports now install headers in /usr/local/include/kde4 (where earlier they were in /usr/local/include). This is preparation for adding KDE Frameworks 5 to the official ports tree: since some headers are named the same, we need to be prepared for disambiguating them. Frameworks will end up in /KF5/.

With these two out of the way, we will be able to update some more applications (e.g. KDevelop) alongside the addition of KDE Frameworks 5. After that, of course, Plasma 5 and modern KDE Applications.