After a long struggle with digiKam (mostly because of the libmediawiki plugin), a brief struggle with KDevelop (it is well-behaved), and a careful struggle with CMake (because lots of other ports depend on it), official ports have been updated (by Tobias Berner and Raphael Kubo da Costa) with the state-of-the-art for KDE4 from the unofficial area51 repository. That means:

  • digiKam 4.14.0
  • KDevelop 4.7.3
  • CMake 3.5.2

Other bits and pieces have been updated as well; what hasn't been added are zanshin and simon. Those are waiting on a next round of updates. As far as KDE Frameworks 5 are concerned, those work very nicely in area51, but are not yet candidates for downstream (official ports). There are a few steps to go:

  • Another round of KDE4 infrastructure updates so that it is compatible with what has been developed in the plasma5 branch for the new KDE Frameworks 5, KDE Plasma 5 and KDE Applications.
  • Merging plasma5 branch into area51-trunk and double-checking that KDE4 and KDE Frameworks 5 can co-exist.
  • .. then sending KDE Frameworks 5 downstream to the official ports.

I have two things on my "that's what I'd like to do" list; one is preparing a Zanshin 0.4 with Frameworks port and the other is sorting out the branding of the desktop.