Zanshin 0.4 was released a little over a month ago. Today I got around to fixing up the packaging (see, this is why tooling and automation is important) for Zanshin on FreeBSD in the area51 repository. One stumbling block was a sudden requirement for C++14 while not checking if the compiler supports it. The base system clang on FreeBSD 10 doesn't, and that led to weird and hard-to-diagnose build failures. Consistent failures, but it took a long time -- and Tobias's help -- to find out that --std=c++14 was causing an error in FindLibIcal and that CMake wasn't logging the failing compile command or the failing source code.

Anyway. It's sorted out now, and Zanshin can be had through the unofficial ports repository. There's no ETA for landing it (and the rest of KDE Frameworks 5) in official ports and packages, though.