There's an LTS (long-term support) release of KDE Plasma 5 available now. The dot story is quite extensive. The FreeBSD ports for this LTS release can be found in area51 (as usual) in the plasma5 branch (as is the norm as long as we're not done settling other KDE foundations in official ports).

There are also packages available, although those are obviously not sourced from the official FreeBSD package servers but from the KDE-FreeBSD team's servers. Ask in #kde-freebsd on freenode if you need instructions for adding that repository server.

While the upstream release is an LTS one, we (as in the KDE-FreeBSD team) have not thought about how this translates to FreeBSD ports. The official ports tree doesn't really support LTS-type releases without forking the tree. What might happen is that we branch off in area51 and keep that around -- then users specifically interested in the LTS aspect can merge that with their ports tree. Then again, it might not: we don't have a lot of energy left over to spend on even more branches.

So where are we regarding the rest of the KDE ports (modernizing KDE4, adding KDE Frameworks 5, etc.)? Well, there's a Phab review going on to adjust the infrastructure to make the KDE ports more flexible; that is a prerequisite for pushing in the rest. However, once it's in then we have area51 trunk lined up to add KDE Frameworks 5 ports. Since those are new ports, it's a lot more straightforward than adjusting infrastructure that a lot of ports depend on.

Answer: slowly getting there.