The next-generation of KDE CI is nearly here. Ben Cooksley from the KDE Sysadmin team has announced that it is nearly ready to go. On the FreeBSD side, Ben has done the heavy lifting on the CI side and I've done a little futzing around to get the build node in working order by installing system-wide dependencies.

The upshot is that FreeBSD as a target platform now has two CI systems for KDE:

  • the upstream CI, which builds straight from KDE git. On FreeBSD, it currently builds all of the KDE Frameworks 5 repositories,
  • the downstream CI, run by swills@, which builds straight from KDE-FreeBSD's area51 SVN. That's the packaging repository, so this checks that the packaging of the last-released version of KDE software is ok.

Together, this two-stage CI should help keep FreeBSD as a much-better supported platform, with fewer patches needed at the packaging stage, since upstream is watched more closely.

In getting the FreeBSD KDE CI working, we found a couple of small build-system issues and a single missing #include , across all of the frameworks that can sensibly be supported on FreeBSD (all but modemmanager and networkmanager). So I consider that a pretty good score; next up is probably tackling all the test failures on FreeBSD, which I expect are probably more build-system and runtime-related, than actual code issues.