The KDE Continuous Integration system builds KDE software from scratch, straight from the git repositories, and usually from master (or whatever is considered the development branch). It's been building for Linux for a long time, and has recently been expanded with FreeBSD servers as well. KDE sysadmin has been kind enough to provide two more VMs (with some more compiling "oomph") so that we can keep up better, and the CI has just been expanded with all of the Plasma products. That means we're now building KDE Frameworks, and the Plasma desktop.

Results are still in the sandbox, but will eventually end up in the maiin CI.

Frameworks are all blue (good) or yellow (not-quite-good .. but I can't really tell what Jenkins' criteria are for making something yellow). Plasma is now in-progress: what we're trying to do is merge as much as we can from FreeBSD ports to upstream, so that code only needs maintainence once. Today's small fix is dealing with PAM, where Linux has pam_syslog() defined in the library, and FreeBSD does not.