The KDE/FreeBSD website has been around for a long time. It has been the repository of much (well, maybe some) wisdom around KDE-on-FreeBSD. But as a repository of knowledge, it has been rather limited in recent years: it lives in KDE's source-code repositories, and as such has a pretty high barrier to entry. You need a KDE developer account to edit it, for one. And then, editing PHP files in git is not fun, if you're trying to contribute documentation, howto's, or screenshots.

So the content has almost entirely migrated to the KDE Community wiki.

The community wiki is described as: is the working area for the KDE community. It provides a place for sharing information within the community, including policies, guidelines and coordination.

That's most of what f.k.o does, so putting it somewhere more accessible, and easier to edit, makes sense.

There's only two things really left in git: the team page, describing who is on the team, and the in-memoriam page for Alan Eldridge. Neither of those is, in my opinion, up for community-editing-debate.

So now's the time for FreeBSD-using KDEsta's, and KDE-using FreeBSDudes, to get the content together!