Ruqola is a client in QML for use on the desktop.

Ruqola has a long-ish history within the KDE community, with students Veluri and Vasudha working on it. The code recently completed the KDE incubation process and has been moved to a regular release cycle by Jonathan.

So as the KDE community welcomes Ruqola, FreeBSD welcomes it too. Tobias has added this new entry in the IM category. No screenshot here, since I’m not sure I’ve installed it correctly (so it looks funny when I use it and doesn’t render emoji, for instance). That’s something for a next iteration of the port.

Oh, also KDE Frameworks 5.62 have landed, and Qt 5.13 is real close now (as usual, it’s lagging a bit on QtWebEngine, although the fantastic efforts by Kai are reducing the lag considerably).